Jim White has slammed the Scottish government for lack of communication over the status of the Old Firm clash between Rangers and Celtic on Sunday.

Co-host Simon Jordan claimed that there will be “uproar” from fans if the authorities decide to call off the Rangers game “at this stage”.

White said that he had contacted the government ‘repeatedly’ since Monday for an update after Nicola Sturgeon said that a final decision on the game was yet to be made.

Sturgeon said that she welcomed messages from Celtic and Rangers imploring fans to stay away from the Old Firm clash on Sunday.

However, she said no final decision on whether the game would go-ahead had been taken. [Sky Sports]

Talking on the White & Jordan Show (talkSPORT, Wednesday, 11.30am) White said, “The nub of this here is that we need to hear from the Scottish government again. 12 noon on Sunday and we haven’t heard from them.

“The game is this weekend, of course it is. I can update you on this… the producers of this show and I have been onto the Scottish government repeatedly since Monday asking ‘where are we at?’

“For some obscure reason, they’ve dragged their feet and avoided getting back to us. Instead, it’s been radio silence.

“Why is that? I have absolutely no idea because they should have done. After both clubs have released statements urging fans to stay at home, there’s no more that Rangers or Celtic can do now.

Simon Jordan said, “The fans have been given very clear messages. It’s ludicrous that we have government involved at this stage but that’s where we find ourselves.

“It’s incumbent on both Rangers and Celtic to ensure they don’t get bring themselves into a position where the government can intervene and cause uproar.

“Because that’s what will happen if the game is called off at this stage.”


The game must go on

White is right. Rangers have done all they can to stop fans heading over to Parkhead.

Will some idiots still make the journey? Undoubtedly but they will be very much in the minority.

Title-winning celebrations are one thing and we fully expected fans to hit Ibrox once 55 had been confirmed.

It would have been naive to think it would be any different after what happened with both Liverpool and Leeds last season.

Rangers’ achievement was arguably even bigger.

Going to the Old Firm game is a different matter entirely.

We think that Sturgeon is just tub-thumping and keeping the pressure on the clubs to keep the same persistent message going out about fans.

However, that just leaves the whole situation in limbo. With the game playing behind closed doors there’s no imperative to give further updates but we think the situation needs resolving.

Putting out an update saying that the game ‘will go ahead unless we hear of fans looking to congregate’ would be enough.

In other Rangers news, this Slavia player has revealed what he said to Ianis Hagi after the full-time whistle last week. 


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