Rangers have had a memorable season but Chris Sutton and Michael Stewart have tried to undermine our success at every opportunity.

We went nine years without winning the Scottish Premiership and now we could be crowned champions off the back of an unbeaten season.

That is a very rare feat and we feel Gers have not got the plaudits we deserve.


We have also been superb in Europe consistently over the last two years.

Only three teams have score more goals than our 23 in the Europa League this term yet Sutton and Stewart almost always try to draw a negative out of a positive.

Sutton is undoubtedly the worst offender in that regard.

He exposed his vendetta once again on Saturday, playing down Allan McGregor’s astonishing save against Slavia Prague on Thursday via Twitter.

Sutton had already hit back at Ally McCoist for praising the goalkeeper on BT SPORT – so maybe Sutton just has it in for McGregor.

If only that was the case.

Rather, he recently tried to dig up dirt by claiming in the Daily Record that many Rangers fans wanted Steven Gerrard gone at the end of last season.

Similarly, he has attempted to rile up supporters by constantly linking Stevie G to Liverpool, doing so in his Daily Mail column last week.

We think Sutton is a little bitter about our success and Celtic’s plight, so he is looking find comfort in any way he can.


Stewart’s problem is more difficult to pinpoint but he has also been relentless in bashing us.

Against Livingston he really showed his anti-Rangers bias by finding whatever reason he could to criticise Gerrard instead of the officials.

Over the last few weeks he has also hammered Alfredo Morelos and Nathan Patterson, as well as telling teams how to expose our weaknesses.

It is a shame that this pair have decided to take such a combative view to our season.

Rangers’ success is a success of Scottish football, particularly our exploits in Europe – you would think that would please Sutton and Stewart.

Instead, they have been keen to stick to a vendetta against us.

At least every win continues to rile them up and becoming invincible would be brilliant just to see the duo forced into praising us.

In other Rangers news, a Gers star has claimed he would jump at the chance to join a Premier League club.


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