By Ben Wild

11th Mar, 2021 | 11:12am

Rangers must see though BBC Scotland's timely statement

The BBC reportedly want to end their long-running dispute with Rangers after airing a statement on BBC Radio Scotland on Wednesday. 

The dispute between the Gers and the BBC goes back to reporter Chris McLaughlin who was banned from Ibrox in 2015 after he wrote a report that the club didn’t like.

In retaliation, BBC Scotland announced they would no longer be sending reporters to cover Rangers, which is a bit pointless considering the club probably wouldn’t have let them in anyway.

So that’s where things have stood for six years.

Until yesterday, when a statement was aired on BBC Radio Scotland which the Scottish Sun claim contained the line, “We are committed to providing as full coverage as possible for fans and our audiences and are keen to find a resolution to the long-standing dispute.”

The BBC claim they are ‘keen’ to find a resolution, though we haven’t seen any evidence that this is the case.

The key solution would’ve been an apology from McLaughlin six years ago or perhaps holding back on the decision to not send reporters to Ibrox.

Also, from Rangers’ point of view, nothing has changed.

Who’s to say a BBC Scotland reporter would be barred from entering Ibrox if they turned up the next time we play at home?

As long as it isn’t McLaughlin then there should be no problem.

Rangers might choose to turn any BBC reporter away now though in retaliation to the broadcaster’s decision six years ago and we believe they would have the right to do that.

If BBC Scotland is indeed ‘keen’ to fix its relationship with Rangers then they need to take proactive steps to do that.

Over the last six years, we have seen nothing from the broadcaster that suggests they are going to make some changes and try to negotiate with the club.

It is weird how the BBC are now wanting to come back to Ibrox around the same time Sky have kicked off because of their limited access.

Perhaps broadcasters feel they are missing out on the coverage of our title win while their competitors get the best footage and interviews.

If that is the case then the club should continue to lock BBC Scotland out of Ibrox.

We can’t be sure that this is the reasoning behind BBC Scotland’s statement but you have to admit, the timing of this is very convenient.

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