Rangers have written a letter to Nicola Sturgeon after coming under fire from deputy first minister John Swinney for fans’ celebrations at the weekend.

Swinney slammed supporters for their “illegal” and “shameful” antics in breaking Covid-19 protocol by gathering outside Ibrox and in the city centre.

However, it seems the SNP only showed one side of the story, as the club has now offered their version of events.


They accused the government of being “inaccurate, unbalanced and unfair” in their criticism in a scathing letter to Sturgeon.

As quoted by the Scottish Sun, it read, “During the last number of weeks, Rangers initiated open dialogue with key stakeholders in relation to the possibility of us achieving a historic 55th league title.

“We have proactively engaged with our local MP, Justice Minister, Scottish Government, Police Scotland and the SPFL in relation to maintaining a cohesive message regarding public safety during the Covid pandemic.

“We reiterate the message from Steven Gerrard, who highlighted that fans should adhere to government guidelines — stay safe, socially distance and look after each other in this difficult time.

“We are aware there is the possibility of more milestones and will continue to engage to maintain a cohesive message in relation to government guidance.”


Played our part

It is little surprise some members of the government have jumped to criticise the fans despite not knowing all the facts.

Rangers played their part as they knew supporters were likely to gather when number 55 was secured.

The club planned accordingly and looked to work with the authorities to make the event safe.

If the SNP failed to liaise with members of the club that is their own fault and we should not be punished as a result.

Steven Gerrard arguably holds the most influence and he used it wisely to send a message to fans – the government should show appreciation of that fact, not condemn us.

Rangers are also planning for a possible repeat of what we saw on Saturday so we are being proactive once again – hopefully Sturgeon comes out and acknowledges that.

It has been all too easy for them to criticise the club this season and we are growing tired of it.

In other Rangers news, one impressive Gers player is showing why he can be captain in the future.


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