Chris Sutton has described the Rangers dominance this season as “ridiculous” and warned that Liverpool could move for Steven Gerrard in the “near future”. 

While Rangers have stormed their way to the Premiership title, Liverpool have stumbled badly after winning the Premier League last season.

They lost six home games in a row on Sunday for the first time in their history.

And Sutton thinks that could have worrying meaning for Rangers.

Writing in his column in the Daily Mail Sutton said, “With Celtic aiming for a 10th consecutive title, the pressure on Steven Gerrard and his players will have been as intense as it was back in 1997. They didn’t crumble. They stood up to the challenge and conquered.

The club deserve credit for showing patience — that isn’t easy, given the rivalry there — and Gerrard deserves applauding for how he’s transformed this team since taking over in 2018. The importance of him stopping that 10 cannot be understated.

“The higher-ups at Liverpool must be looking at Gerrard now and thinking he’s got to be their man in the future. Maybe the near future, if things continue to go so pear-shaped for Jurgen Klopp.

“Rangers have won 28 of 32 league games, scored 77 and conceded just nine. As poor as Celtic have been, that can only be described as ridiculous. Well done Rangers and bravo Gerrard.”


Nothing to worry about

Liverpool might be the job that Gerrard is destined for but is he ready yet?

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool have a deep-seated link after he delivered the Premier League title and we don’t think there’s any chance that they sack him.

Would he walk? It’s possible but Klopp doesn’t seem the sort of person to crack under adversity.

Even if Klopp were to leave, Liverpool might think it’s too soon for Gerrard.

Put simply, we can’t see any way that Gerrard won’t be at Rangers next season for a title defence and a crack at the Champions League.

Sutton might be desperate for something that pours a little cold water on the delirious Gers title celebrations but this isn’t it.

Now, Gerrard and the Gers players will be getting their heads back in the game and preparing for the next huge game, away to Slavia Prague on Thursday.

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