Ally McCoist made it into work for the early shift on talkSPORT but there are some Rangers fans who have questioned whether he’s been to bed

McCoist launched straight into more celebrations and made a wild claim that the Gers title win felt like “liberation from World War 2” and that it had liberated “millions of people worldwide”.

Gers fans – at least the ones not sleeping off the party – were glad McCoist had made it in, against all odds.

Many had no faith he would make it. McCoist was informed of a Twitter poll that Breakfast show host Laura Woods had run. [talkSPORT, Monday, 6am]

She confirmed to McCoist that over 15,000 had voted and predicted whether McCoist would be “Punctual – condition TBC” or “MIA”.

74% of people believed that McCoist wouldn’t make it into work after Rangers won number 55 on Sunday.


Informed of the poll McCoist said, “Seriously? That’s an outrageous number of people that voted. That’s the best poll that’s ever been conducted.

“Potentially the only reason I’m not MIA is because I had so many phone calls and people to talk to.

“I did have a beer and a glass of champagne and then I was doing some calls.”

McCoist said as he was driving home last night he saw Rangers fans everywhere, dancing under bridges.

“It felt like the end of the Second World War,” McCoist said. “It felt like liberation from the Second World War. The liberation of millions of people worldwide.

“I’m very high on life at this time. I’m floating thousands of feet in the air on the narcotic of life.”


Now it’s time for Europe

We all knew it was coming, perhaps not as early as Sunday, but it was inevitable.

However, the outpouring of joy and relief after winning 55 was absolutely sensational.

We would have preferred to win it on the pitch with fans at Ibrox, but that party is still to come.

McCoist was saying today what every single Rangers fan was thinking and while Nicola Sturgeon condemned the celebrations, it was absolutely inevitable.

It happened when Liverpool won the Premier League last season and it happened when Leeds won the Championship.

The Rangers fans were going to be no different.

McCoist was brilliant on talkSPORT this morning but we wonder how he’d describe the celebrations if Rangers go on and win the Europa League.

In other Rangers news, Jamie Carragher gives his verdict on the future of Gerrard.


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