Jim White has slammed talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan for being “disrespectful” to Steven Gerrard and Rangers after their title win.

Talking on the White & Jordan Show (talkSPORT, Monday, 10am), White was talking after Rangers won their 55th title on Sunday when Celtic dropped more points.

Danny Murphy was also in the studio and he talked about the inevitability of Gerrard moving to Rangers.

“The day Liverpool come calling, and that day will come inevitably, he [Gerrard] will be there, there’s no doubt about that in my mind,” Murphy said.

White turned on Jordan next to him in the studio.

“Be honest, I’m seeing you playing up to me here, Simon, I do think it’s a bit disrespectful,” White said.

“This is his moment with Rangers and it all starts now, and you’re saying he’s off to Liverpool.”

“No, you asked me if they should give him an extended contract and I said ‘no he’s got three years left on his contract, why do they need to give him a new contract’,” Jordan replied.

“And, if you think Liverpool are going to come knocking and you don’t think Gerrard is going to leave Rangers quicker than a quick thing from quickland, you’re wrong.

“It’s not disrespectful, it’s just a matter of fact. You might not like that narrative but both me and Danny have said that from very different points of view.”

“He didn’t take the Rangers job to get the Liverpool job,” White insisted.

Talk of Liverpool is disrespectful

Rangers fans are used to pundits doing them and Scottish football down.

But Rangers are proving them all wrong after a dominant season and a deep run in the Europa League.

Rangers fans are also realists. We know the links Gerrard has with Liverpool and it may well be that he takes his dream job there at some point in the future.

However, that time isn’t now and it is disrespectful to be talking about Gerrard leaving Rangers the day after he’s won the title.

It makes for good headlines and it gets Jordan on lots of social media posts, but save it for the summer at least.

Whether Rangers turn out to be a stepping stone for bigger things is a matter for the future.

Gerrard took the Gers job and it was a massive challenge as his first job in senior football.

Both sides took risks and it’s paid off for Gerrard and for Gers. Talk should focus on what an amazing job he’s done, not where he’s going next.

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