Glasgow City Council have become the latest critics of some Rangers fans who met up in George Square to celebrate Sunday’s title win. 

Rangers won the league on Sunday after Celtic dropped points to Dundee United and Gers fans took to the streets to celebrate.

George Square was a hotspot on Sunday evening and after damage was caused to some furniture in the square, the city council have stated their displeasure.

Part of the damage was caused to memorial benches and the council’s Twitter account shared a long message about the damage that will have many Gers fans hanging their heads in shame.

They tweeted, “The lack of care and respect shown to a place and facilities that all Glaswegians should be able to enjoy is disturbing – but destroying memorials placed by grieving families and friends is, frankly, deplorable.”

The council are absolutely right in what they are saying and we agree that the damage caused on Sunday is out of order.


We’ve all seen celebrations get out of hand before but there is no need to trash parts of Glasgow, especially areas that hold a special significance for grieving people.

We hope the club or at least a group of fans will foot the bill to replace the damaged benches and whatever else was ruined during Sunday’s celebrations.

Once again the actions of some will have major implications for those of us who were wise enough to celebrate at home on Sunday.

We know the government are looking for excuses to keep us out of stadiums and this is another reason to add to the list that grew as Gers fans congregated outside Ibrox on Saturday.

Gathering is understandable after such a huge moment but smashing up George Square is too far and those who took part should be ashamed.

In other Rangers news, Slavia’s captain has ripped into his teammates ahead of this week’s Europa League game with the Gers. 


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