Celtic fans have once again displayed their selective memory as many have blasted the gathering of Rangers fans outside Ibrox. 

Gers fans showed up in their hundreds ahead of Saturday’s Scottish Premiership clash against St Mirren despite COVID rules still preventing mass gatherings.

What any punishment will be for these fans is unknown and we do not condone the actions of a small section of the Rangers fanbase.


However, the criticism levelled at us from Celtic fans is laughable after they did exactly the same thing earlier this season.

Oh how quickly they must’ve forgotten about the numerous ‘Lennon out’ protests outside Parkhead just a few months ago.

Hundreds, if not thousands, turned up to those gatherings too and lockdown rules were also still being enforced.

Again, we do not condone the actions of some Rangers fans today but Hoops claiming to be holier than thou are embarrassing themselves.


This is yet another example of Celtic fans grasping at anything they can to get one over on us as they can’t match our performances on the pitch.

But more than two seconds of thinking would surely remind them that they were the ones breaking lockdown rules to protests against the ownership of the club.

We are celebrating a title win that is all but sealed after waiting for ten years to end the wait for silverware.

Hoops fans were protesting against a regime that had brought the club unprecedented success over the last decade.

Rangers fans shouldn’t have gathered today but if there was ever a reason…

The criticism from Celtic fans is embarrassingly hypocritical and just another attempt to get one over on a club that has left them in the dirt this season.

In other Rangers news, Chris Sutton makes strange Celtic title claim.


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