Steven Gerrard is going nowhere just yet, according to former Rangers striker Andy Gray.

Celtic’s 0-0 draw with Dundee United on Sunday confirmed the Gers as Scottish league champions for the 55th time in their history.

Gerrard has overseen a huge transformation at Ibrox, turning the club from one that could barely muster a top-two finish to one that’s going far in Europe and currently unbeaten in the Premiership.


Last month, the Mirror reported that Liverpool owners have taken a liking to Gerrard amid worries that Jurgen Klopp will want the Germany job if it becomes available.

But ex-Scotland international Gray isn’t having any of it.

“Absolutely magnificent,” said Gray, as shown in a clip on beIN SPORTS’ official Twitter account on Sunday.

“As any football fan who’ve just heard his team have now officially after such a long time and the trauma they’ve gone through. They know how I feel, I’m ecstatic.”

Gray added: “My big worry is, Steven has been so good that somebody might think ‘Steven Gerrard’s done brilliantly up there’.

“Well, I’ve got news for the lot of you, leave him alone. He’s not going anywhere just yet.”

Stevie Ger

We’ve only been official champions for a matter of minutes and there are already discussions about Gerrard’s future.

It’s natural because at the end of the day he’s in his first job in management and is doing a wonderful job.

Yes, it’s only his first trophy in management and Rangers’ first since they returned to the Premiership but it was always going to be a work in progress after how much damage was done almost a decade ago.

It’s been a long, hard road where we’ve seen some absolute disasters of managers and players (here’s to you Pedro Caixinha and Carlos Pena). But we would not be champions right now if it wasn’t for Gerrard.

While many will look at the likes of Dave King, Ross Wilson and Mark Allen for getting him in and bringing in these players, Gerrard is the one who’s got a tune out of players who were massively underperforming before he set foot in Glasgow. Gerrard’s the one who’s got his head down, worked hard and ensured he wouldn’t go anywhere until something big happened.

And, my word, something big has happened.

After last season’s debacle which saw Celtic crowned fake champions, it’s nice to see this go in our way.

It’s probably the best title win ever.

In other Rangers news, Chris Sutton tweeted his instant reaction to the Gers winning the title.


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