By Kealan Hughes

5th Mar, 2021 | 10:30am

Derek Ferguson blasts John Beaton after Rangers controversy

Steven Gerrard was sent off on Wednesday but the referee was in the wrong more than the Rangers boss, according to Derek Ferguson.

The former Ger could not believe the attitude shown by John Beaton at half-time against Livingston.

He claimed Gerrard was well within his rights to speak to him and became frustrated by the referee’s response.

Appearing on the Open Goal Podcast [10:01], he said, “Steven Gerrard just goes to ask him a question – which I think he should be allowed to – and that just blanking you and dismissing you.

“That arrogance does my nut in.

“He initially goes to ask him a question just to see why [they didn’t give the penalty].”

Gerrard punishment

Stevie G is facing a touchline ban for the words he directed at Beaton on Wednesday.

That would be an injustice.

Beaton and his assistant were in the wrong by failing to give an obvious penalty and instead booked Alfredo Morelos for diving.

Instead of acknowledging he was wrong Beaton doubled down and did not treat Gerrard with any respect whatsoever – the least he could have done was provide an explanation.

It is understandable that an already frustrated Gerrard boiled over when he received that reaction.

The fact only one of Beaton and Gerrard are facing punishment does not sit well with us.

This is the biggest moment in Gerrard’s managerial career so of course emotions will be running high.

He should not have to miss massive games as a result.

The SFA should take note of the point raised by Ferguson and hopefully noticed that Gerrard was not the only one who could have behaved better.

However, given their past judgements we are not holding our breath.

In other Rangers news, Barry Ferguson has made a claim about Morelos’ future while sharing what he knows about Gers transfers.