Steven Naismith has said that John Beaton clearly didn’t know whether the Alfredo Morelos incident in the game against Livingston was a penalty or not.

He said that he gambled and made the wrong call, and that everything that happened after this was a consequence of his “bad decision”.

Nasmith added that you could see Beaton mouthing to his linesman to ask whether they’d seen anything before booking Morelos for diving.

Steven Gerrard was subsequently sent off for questioning the decision at half-time.

Talking on The Football Show Nasmith said, “From watching the game I think you can say John Beaton’s position isn’t great for seeing the contact.

“Then he’s relying on his assistants at the side of the pitch and when you see the pictures you can see him mouthing as to whether they’ve seen it or not.

“It’s one where they’ve not seen it and gambled on no penalty. It’s a wrong decision.

‘Everything that unfolds after that is a consequence of that bad decision. It’s too late to rectify and it explodes after that.”


Decision to book Morelos was incredbly bad

Here are two things at play here.

We’re not going to talk again about the levels of officiating in Scotland – they’re clearly not where they should be.

But we’re aware that without VAR mistakes will be made. If Beaton is in a bad position then responsibility goes to the people running the line.

If they’re not sure then the referee has to make a call.

If he didn’t give the penalty and played on we could accept that. It would be the wrong decision and it was so blatant that it should have been an easy penalty to give.

However, if you’re not sure whether it’s a penalty or not, how can you compound a potential mistake by booking Morelos for diving.

At that point, you really have to question whether the reputation of the player is being used to make a judgement and that’s something that we’ve been saying for a long time.

That’s something that’s much less easy to forgive.

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