Jamie Carragher sent a message of encouragement to his friend Steven Gerrard after the Rangers boss was sent off against Livingston.

The Sky Sports pundit approved of the spirit Gerrard showed on the touchline at Almondvale, even if he did overstep the mark according to referee John Beaton.

In typical Carragher fashion he tried to steal the show by adopting a Scottish accent for his message – well, at least his attempt at one.

He said on CBS Champions League: “Good luck Stevie son, go for it man, you get through to the next round you’re on fire, I love you man I’ll see you at Liverpool next season.”

Passion on display

We are all for Carragher sending his friend messages of support and cannot wait for more applause to come our way when we reach number 55.

This title clearly means everything to Gerrard and his reaction to a poor refereeing decision on Wednesday led to a rare outburst.

He has remained composed for much of the season but is now fed up with the sub-standard officiating, as we all are.


It is refreshing to see pundits avoid the easy option of criticising Stevie G.

Carragher understands his driven mindset and knows the anger aimed at Beaton was simply born out of frustration, rather than malice.

The SFA should see it in the same light and acknowledge it was their referee who was in the wrong.

Morelos should have been given a penalty, not a yellow card for diving.

It would be a mistake to fine Gerrard or give him a touchline ban, especially when we are just two games away from clinching number 55.

In other Rangers news, a Sky Sports pundit shared what he saw John Beaton & officials saying during Rangers penalty incident.


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