Rangers have been phenomenal this season, and the only downside to that has been the lack of fans following them up and down Scotland every week.

Both Old Firm sides are usually broadcast live on Sky Sports for most of their fixtures, but sometimes that is left to the club TV sites.

Rangers TV doesn’t have the best track record in terms of quality and feedback, and that has continued throughout this incredible campaign.


One of the latest fixtures shown on there was the 1-0 win over St Johnstone last month.

No surprise, it was shocking quality and some fans couldn’t even get to watch the game despite paying their money to do just that.

Fans are starting to gather on Twitter, and Rangers are really facing a big backlash.

Ryan Gordon labelled the controversy as “disgraceful” and even went on to claim that the Bears are starting to ignore people who have emailed for refunds.

Robin McKelvie also shared that his emails asking for a refund have been ignored for over a month, and this is the start of something bubbling up that isn’t needed.

Rangers and their TV system simply haven’t been good enough, and refunds should have been processed immediately after the St. Johnstone clash.


With the inevitable title celebrations coming up, this needs to be eradicated quickly.

The clash against St. Mirren could be the final game before number 55 is confirmed, and it will not be shown anywhere but on Rangers TV.

Should the same happen again, it will cause huge controversy – this needs to be sorted as soon as possible.

In other Rangers news, Alan Brazil blasts Alfredo Morelos after 1-0 win v Livingston


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