Rangers’ Supporters Liason Officer has explained exactly why some media outlets have been banned from Ibrox and we wholeheartedly agree with the club’s stance. 

The Daily Record released an article on Monday which had very little to do with Rangers and plenty to do with extra-marital affairs.

One fan asked Greg Marshall (our SLO) if it was right that the publication use the name of our great club in that manner.

He replied to this question by saying, “This is one of many articles which shows why the Daily Record doesn’t gain access to Ibrox.”

This statement hit the nail on the head when it comes to why certain media outlets are banned from Ibrox and we support the club in this view.

It is awful to see our club reduced to nothing but a name to get clicks on a story that really has nothing to do with us by a publication that consistently drags that name through the dirt.


We appreciate that Rangers are more active and sensitive when members of the press step out of line compared to other clubs but we don’t blame them when things like this continuously happen.

Plenty of outlets treat us with respect and they are perfectly welcome behind the scenes at Ibrox whenever they want as they are doing good work for themselves and Rangers fans.

But when outlets just exploit the club to get clicks and ultimately make money, this is where a line should be drawn.

There is no level of respect here and we back Rangers to the hilt when they tell media outlets that they are no longer welcome at our great club.

Stories like the one Marshall references are shameful and only hamper the reputation of our club.

Fans of other clubs and other media outlets may say that we are too strict and the press are entitled to write what they want.

This is true, they can write what they want but we can also disagree with it and turn them away when they want insider access.

We wholeheartedly support the club’s stance and hope other outlets learn from mistakes made by the Daily Record today.

In other Rangers news, one club boss claims there will be a huge vote about Scottish football this month. 


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