Rangers ace Ianis Hagi stars in Pepsi Romania’s new advert alongside Lionel Messi.

Pepsi are trying to advertise their product by doing a ‘TikTok challenge’ featuring the Barcelona icon where he passes a can of the drink, plus a football, back and forth with someone else.

Pepsi’s official Romanian Instagram account has shared the video of Hagi teaming up alongside Messi

The GOAT… And Lionel Messi

Hagi really is a star in both Scotland and Romania.

Pepsi have always had great adverts with footballers in them.

Who can forget the days of David Beckham, Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry blessing our television screens as they pushed the sugary drink on us?

And then there was the famous gladiator one.

It’s a far cry from where they are now, doing TikTok challenges. But when the world is in the situation it’s in, it’s a good way to get Messi alongside his idols like Hagi without them actually having to meet in person.

Hagi has been in great form for Rangers this season despite a few patches where his performances dipped.


Steven Gerrard has got the Romania international used to playing out wide, where he didn’t seem too comfortable at the beginning of the season.

We still think Hagi would play better in behind a striker but a lack of options out wide means Gerrard’s options are kind of limited.

But Hagi is starting to flourish out on the right the more he plays and that’s really great to see.

We’ve been critical of the Romanian in the past, as have other fans and pundits, but he’s finally starting to prove us doubters wrong.

In other Rangers news, David Tanner acted appallingly in Gerrard’s pre-Livingston press conference on Tuesday.


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