Ally McCoist has said that Celtic have left themselves open to “unbelievable” criticism from fans after being utterly dominated by Rangers this season. 

McCoist also said that caretaker manager John Kennedy has no chance of getting the manager’s job on a full-time basis even if he engineers an unlikely win in the next Old Firm game.

Talking on the Breakfast show (talkSPORT, Thursday, 7am) McCoist was asked what would be going through Neil Lennon’s head after he parted ways with Celtic earlier this week.

“There will be a million things going through his head,” McCoist said.

“The most important thing is to sit back and learn how to relax again. The pressure on Old Firm managers is relentless and 24/7.

“The whole 10-in-a-row thing was absolutely unbelievable. Celtic as a club have left themselves open to unbelievable criticism from fans because of how things have gone.

“Because Rangers have absolutely dominated them this season.”

McCoist then dismissed the chances of Kennedy taking the job before saying that Frank Lampard had the experience for the role.

“Don’t Celtic and don’t Frank,” McCoist joked.


Perfect storm

The nature of this season will have made it much harder for Celtic to attract a top manager to the job.

With a failed squad to work with and financial problems because of Covid, it’s a perfect storm for Celtic who could be looking at years in the wilderness.

Any manager coming in knows that only winning the Premiership is a sign of success and most will be thinking there’s not much chance of that next season.

Is the job the very definition of a poisoned chalice?

McCoist is right when he talks about complete dominance this season and Kennedy might end up being their best option.

Frank Lampard has been talked about but after the Chelsea job we’re not sure he’d have the stomach for a job like the one at Celtic.

Anyone who does come in now is a very brave man.

In other Rangers news, ‘No uncertain terms’ – Rangers fire strong warning to squad as players close in on 55.


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