Sky Sports have edited a clip of John Hartson talking about Neil Lennon resigning as Celtic manager after outrage from Rangers fans online. 

In the original clip, Hartson said, “It’s probably the correct decision and I think now, Celtic can actively be looking for a new manager and a new team,” Hartson told Sky Sports on Wednesday.

“Neil Lennon has to be remembered as somebody who won numerous title as a player and numerous trophies as a manager. He will be respected and regarded as a legend at Celtic. He loves the club, Irish Catholic, supported the club but I think it was time to make the change.”

Rangers fans piled onto the tweet asking what relevance the ‘Irish Catholic’ part had to what he was saying.

That has now been scrubbed from the official clips circulating online. You can hear the original here.

The clip was censored after a lot of Rangers fans – and fans from other clubs – replied to the tweet with outrage.

Sky haven’t made any mention of the clip being edited or given an apology.

Plenty of Rangers fans pointed out that the outrage would have been real if this had been done the other way.

And it seems incredible in this day and age that, irrespective of what went out live, they would post something like this up afterwards on social media.

Maybe they should also think about censoring the part where he says there “might be a danger that Rangers become the team to catch”. That’s already happened, John.

Here are the reactions from Rangers fans that saw Sky make the change.

In other Rangers news, fans have urged their club to sign this Rangers loanee.


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