Charlie Nicholas believes that Celtic must release a statement and announce that Neil Lennon is leaving the club before Rangers win the title. 

Rangers need just seven points now and could win the title at Parkhead in the next Old Firm game.

If they win their next two games a point would be enough, presuming Celtic can keep pace.

Nicholas thinks Celtic have to try and claw “an edge back” by announcing that Lennon won’t be the manager next season.

He doesn’t think Lennon will still be in charge next season and thinks the only reason he hasn’t gone yet is that Celtic don’t have anyone in place.

“Celtic need to make an announcement to say that Neil Lennon will be going at the end of the season,” Nicholas wrote in the Daily Star (via Scottish Sun).

“They need to do that to take some of the edge off Rangers and before they win the title.

“I know Neil will probably disagree with me but that is my view.

“I just don’t think they can keep him in place because a lot of the Celtic fans wouldn’t accept it.

“Celtic have to take an edge back from the dominance that Rangers have just now.”


Just how far can we go?

This season has the potential to just get better and better and better.

Winning the title is the most important part of the puzzle, and doing it as dominantly as possible is vital. That means we can’t let our foot off the pedal even when we’ve lifted it.

Forcing Celtic to announce the end of Lennon ahead of the title win would be glorious. That would prove just how dominant we’ve been.

Then it’s onto the Europa League, where we believe we can get to the quarter-finals.

That would be an extraordinary achievement and getting further than that would send shockwaves through the Scottish game.

This squad has proved that it is capable of that, though, and with the title won, it means Gerrard can target an unlikely passage through one of Europe’s most prestigious competitions.

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