Alfredo Morelos’ agent Michael Gorman has hit out at the SFA after the new compliance officer was revealed on Wednesday.

Morelos, 24, has found himself in hot water with the governing body on a regular basis ever since joining Rangers from HJK Helsinki in 2017.

In his 168 appearances for the Light Blues, the Colombia international has been sent off seven times and also been banned retrospectively on numerous occasions.


On Wednesday, the SFA announced that Andrew Phillips will be replacing Clare Whyte as compliance officer from March 1.

Morelos’ agent Gorman took to his Twitter account to react to the news and called an end to double standards within the Scottish game.

Gorman wrote: “We can only hope that Morelos will finally receive fair treatment in the SPFL going forward.

“The current double standard applied by the FA is an embarrassment to the game.”

Morelos only has himself to blame

Many will argue that Morelos’ reputation means that he gets treated unfairly by the SFA and by referees but we simply don’t agree with that.

The Colombian is his own worst enemy in terms of his discipline.

He’s been sent off way too many times for a striker, avoided numerous red cards and also been hit with retrospective bans by the SFA.

That doesn’t happen unless the player himself is to blame.

Sure, there have been some that are 50-50 or a red card has been rescinded but referees do make mistakes and there are a lot of grey areas in the game that we have to manoeuvre around.

Morelos is the best striker in the Premiership but for whatever reason this season, he hasn’t score as many goals as he – or we – would have hoped.

It doesn’t help that his agent is getting the striker in the headlines over his discipline yet again. It’s a pointless tweet that won’t change anything.

In other Rangers news, Tam McManus has hit out at the so-called Rangers five after the latest COVID-19 scandal.


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