Times journalist Graham Spiers has let rip at Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson over the club’s silence on the SFA child sexual abuse report.

Last week, the SFA published a 192-page document that reviewed the sexual abuse of children in Scottish football dating back to the 1970s.

Rangers, Celtic, Hibs, Falkirk, Motherwell and Partick were among the clubs named in the report and the SFA pleaded with those involved in the scandal to apologise to the victims and those affected by the crimes of certain individuals.


All of the above-named clubs have released statements to acknowledge the SFA’s report and apologise to the victims.

Rangers have not.

The Athletic’s Jordan Campbell was not allowed to attend Rangers’ clash against Kilmarnock at the weekend. He believed it was down to his coverage of the child abuse report.

On Tuesday, Spires took to his personal Twitter account to hit out at Robertson for silencing journalists and blasted the Ibrox chief for the club’s silence over the SFA report.

“While Stewart Robertson, the Rangers MD, bans or bars journalists galore from Ibrox – a hallmark of his time at the club – I am astounded he and Rangers have still not uttered a cheep of regret over historic child sex abuse. That SFA report was 5 days ago now. Sheer cowardice.”

Apologise. Now.

Almost every single club mentioned in the SFA report has responded to it in some capacity. Whether or not you believe there’s any sincerity in their apology or whether the apologies are simply pointless. They have still done something.

Rangers, our club, has done nothing.

Young people had their lives ruined by the actions of sick individuals who found their way into football. Are they not owed anything?

We don’t care about whataboutery. We care about seeing the club doing the right thing.

We’re proud to support Rangers but there’s no pride in this. There’s no pride in reading the haunting accounts of victims of sexual abuse. Nor is there any pride in mocking our nearest and biggest rivals for the issues faced there.

For one moment, put aside your tribal support for Rangers and realise the club has failed horribly here.

Any statement now would be too late but at least it would be something.

Silencing the media over something like this is horrific and we absolutely agree with Spiers.

In other Rangers news, Radio Clyde have released a statement over their silence treatment.


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