By Nick Ware

12th Feb, 2021 | 10:27am

Neil Lennon has his say after Rangers call out SFA in latest 'Trial by TV' controversy

Neil Lennon looks to have taken the rare step of agreeing with Rangers over the latest controversy that is sweeping Scotland.

The Gers have been left incensed by recent retrospective bans handed to Alfredo Morelos and Kemar Roofe while other clubs are left unpunished.

Celtic also found themselves under the microscope recently and the Hoops boss has agreed with the Ibrox assertion that there is a real confusion over matters.

As quoted on the Daily Record website, Lennon said: “I think we are really high profile, the two clubs, and our lot seem to get scrutinised a lot more than other teams. It is the trial by TV.”

He added: “I think the point Rangers are trying to make is that it has to be consistent for all the clubs and not just the big two.

“To be honest I don’t really know how the system works these days. You get three referees to look at incidents and then say this needs to be looked at or that needs to be looked at.”

All we want is to be treated equally, is that so difficult?

Why are we the ones who have to suffer the consequences of bored SFA officials who seemingly have nothing better to do than trawl through post-match footage looking to find the slightest brush of ‘misconduct’.

The fact that even Lennon is starting to side with the Gers tells you all you need to know.

Roofe’s challenge on Murray Davidson was seen by the referee at the time and he was disciplined in the form of a yellow card – so what is the constant need to re-referee the game?

He was handed a two-match ban for his troubles which rules Roofe out of Saturday’s Kilmarnock clash while Morelos will also sit out the Ibrox fixture as he serves the final game of his three-match suspension.

That means 17 Premiership goals will be missing from the side and though it should not matter against a confidence-stricken Killie who have lost their last six, in the grand scheme of things the punishments meted out are unacceptable and Rangers are quite rightly furious.

We hope these public call-outs on the officials has an effect but we are not holding our breath.

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