By Doug Ward

11th Feb, 2021 | 8:30pm

Steven Naismith sends message to clubs in reaction to SFA sexual abuse report

Ex-Rangers forward Steven Naismith has urged Scottish clubs to come together to eradicate sexual abuse from the game after a damning report was released by the SFA on Thursday.

Clubs have been called upon to apologise to survivors of those affected by the scandal after highlighting individuals who had ties to the likes of Rangers, Celtic, Hibs, Hamilton, Patrick, who have already released a statement in response to the SFA’s report, and more. Many of the alleged abusers are dead.

Hearts star Naismith believes that Scottish football, as a whole, can only move away from tragedies like this if clubs put aside their rivalries and work together.

“In my whole time in Scottish football, whatever agenda is there to be seen, we are so far from that collective and I think this is much bigger than everything,” Naismith told PLZ Soccer’s Football Show.

“It needs to be one of these situations where everybody takes note and works collectively to make Scottish football [safe].

“It’s just a big thing in Scottish peoples’ lives in general that one, it’s a safe place and two, none of these things can ever happen again.

“Reading some of the stories from the past, I can’t fathom some of that to think how could this have happened? It’s incredible.

“The very small crumb of comfort these people who’ve stood up, said their piece and brought this to light is that they are the ones now that are getting everybody talking for things to move to a much safer place for kids, especially in football.”

Rangers, it’s time to apologise and seek solutions

For so long, the tribalism among Scottish clubs has led to an animosity that is not really seen anywhere else in the world and that has led to some of the darkest parts of the game’s history being swept under the rug.

What the SFA released on Thursday is absolutely shocking to read. We never want to see our football club – nor any other – tied to something as awful as that.

It is time for Rangers to apologise to the victims and to those affected by the abusers who worked at the club.

Not only that, the club needs to ensure this never happens again. They can do that by working with the other clubs, like Celtic and Hibs, to ensure young children have a safe environment to play football in.

Going at it alone is unlikely to work. A cohesive effort among every club in Scotland would be great to see and really help stamp out these kinds of atrocities.

In other Rangers news, the Gers have tweeted amid rumours Kris Boyd was axed by Sky Sports.