Former Rangers striker Kris Boyd has not been axed by Sky Sports despite a petition for him to be removed from punditry on Celtic games.

According to the Daily Record, a source close to Sky has told them that complains about Boyd’s Rangers-leaning punditry was not why he wasn’t at Celtic’s win at St Mirren on Wednesday night.

Boyd was trending on Twitter this week amid rumours that he was dropped by Sky Sports after a petition was launched on to keep his punditry limited to Rangers and Kilmarnock matches.


The Gers’ official Twitter account fueled further speculation when they tweeted an image of the former Ibrox star.

Much ado about nothing

You couldn’t go on Twitter on Wednesday night without seeing Boyd’s name mentioned.

It just goes to show how rumours can spread like wildfire on Twitter and Rangers’ official account didn’t really help matters by seemingly showing support for their ex-player.

Pundits don’t work on every single match so it’s odd to think that people thought Boyd was meant to be covering Celtic versus St Mirren.

Yes, he does sometimes cover matches that are not centred on Rangers or Killie but it’s not as though Sky limited Andy Walker to Celtic matches.

Let’s face it, we’re all biased.

We support Rangers so guess what? We’re going to be in favour of them more often than not and anyone who supports Celtic will lean towards them over us.

That’s just the way football is.

We’ve just about accepted the likes of Walker, Chris Sutton, John Hartson and whoever else over the years so why can’t those lot on the other side of Glasgow accept Boyd?

He’s just as golden to us as Sutton is to them.

In other Rangers news, Radio Clyde have been left with egg on their face over this latest Ibrox controversy.


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