By Doug Ward

10th Feb, 2021 | 5:00pm

BBC journalist Tom English hits out at Dave King over Rangers 'House of cards shtick'

BBC Scotland journalist Tom English has accused Dave King of “milking” Rangers’ success this season on a recent appearance on the Moving The Goalposts podcast.

In May 2018, the former Gers chairman predicted Celtic would fold “like a pack of cards“. Less than three years later, Rangers are top of the Premiership, 21 points clear of second-placed Celtic, who are in a state of absolute disarray.

Speaking this week, King said: “Looking at the performance of Celtic in their build-up to Nine In A Row I don’t think they were taking full advantage of the extra resources they had at that time.

“They had no real competition. Aberdeen ran them close a couple of seasons but with Celtic’s resources even that shouldn’t have happened.

“I just felt if we could have real go at them and get in their faces then they would fold like a pack of cards.”

How true were King’s words.

However, BBC’s English cannot seem to handle seeing King brag about his correct prediction.

Writing on his personal Twitter account on Wednesday morning, he said: “Dave King milking it on the Moving The Goalposts podcast. Can’t blame him considering where Rangers have come from. The house of cards shtick is pure hubris, though. Steven Gerrard doesn’t appear to have any time for such bombast – and the club is much better for it.”

King of predictions

When King said about Celtic folding like a pack of cards in 2018, not many of us took it too seriously because we’ve seen a lot of players and managers arrive – and leave – Ibrox in recent years saying they want to catch the Parkhead club and challenge them for silverware.

At the time, Celtic fans more than likely laughed off King’s prediction while we didn’t give it too much notice.

But who’s laughing now?

English clearly isn’t. Why can’t King stick it to Rangers’ Old Firm rivals when he was so categorically right about them? Why can’t he give it back when they undoubtedly mocked him for those words two and a half years ago?

Celtic’s spiral into chaos is just as relevant to talk about this season as Rangers’ success is but it’s not as though King doesn’t discuss the club he once stood at the top of.

And as for Gerrard, of course he’s not going to get involved in the circus. He’s the manager and his job, right now, is to keep his and everyone else’s feet on the ground because performances like the one against Hamilton on Sunday are unacceptable.

We want the title to be wrapped up as soon as possible and do we need any distractions off the field? Absolutely not.

Let King talk. Let the former players, the pundits and the fans talk.

But radio silence is what we’re expecting from everyone currently involved at Rangers right now.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise.

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