BBC Sportsound pundit John Collins is confused as to why Rangers have opted to appeal against Kemar Roofe’s two-match ban.

When Steven Gerrard’s side beat St Johnstone last Wednesday, 28-year-old Roofe was cautioned for a challenge on Murray Davidson.

After re-watching the incident, it is clear that Roofe was lucky to avoid getting sent off after his studs went down onto Davidson’s ankle, leading to the Saints player being forced off injured.


The SFA has since issued a notice of complaint against Roofe but Gerrard has confirmed, via Sky Sports, that Rangers intend to appeal against the potential two-match ban with a hearing set to be held on Tuesday.

Ex-Celtic player Collins fails to see why Rangers believe that they have grounds to appeal against the ban.

“I don’t understand why they are appealing that,” Collins told BBC Sportsound, as quoted by the Daily Record.

“I think he’s high, he’s over the ball and he’s caught the guy on the ankle.

“Anybody that has watched that and says that’s not dangerous or could cause an injury is not seeing what I’m seeing.”


Pointless endeavour 

Rangers won’t be able to overturn Roofe’s two-match ban.

Yes, he received a yellow card for the incident on the pitch but we’ve already seen this season with Alfredo Morelos how the SFA have the power to upgrade that yellow to a red.

Roofe’s challenge on Davidson was an ugly one. It caused an injury and it could have been worse. He endangered an opponent, whether he meant it or not and deserves to be suspended.

If that happened against one of our players we’d be absolutely raging that the offender wasn’t sent off.

There’s a huge amount of inconsistency in the SFA’s disciplinary process. Darren McGregor’s stamp on Glen Kamara not so long ago is the latest issue we have with the governing body.

But let’s not resort to whataboutery. Roofe should have been sent off and it’s very unlikely we’ll win this appeal.

Not because the SFA are corrupt but because the referee made the wrong decision in the game.

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