By David Woods

9th Feb, 2021 | 7:30am

'Enough is enough', 'Beyond belief' – These Bears fuming after Gers update on new controversy

There are plenty of Rangers fans who are not in a forgiving mood after Rangers had to contact the Scottish Sun over a shocking headline. 

The Rangers SLO confirmed that the club had contacted the Scottish Sun directly over the headline which was subsequently changed on its website.

However, there are lots of fans calling for more sanctions and a few calling for a ban on the paper and its journalists from Ibrox and Auchenhowie.

Andy Devlin wrote the piece and some Gers fans have called for a ban for him but we should say that journalists rarely do their own headlines online.

This is more likely to be someone internal at the paper and it’s the editor that would take responsibility for the content published in the site.

While the headline has been changed we would like to see an apology and Rangers SLO Greg Marshall has promised an update.

Meanwhile, the feeling among a big part of the Rangers fanbase is strong, as you can see from the reactions to Marshall’s tweet.

Sentiments range from anger to calls to action, and commendations to the club on acting so quickly and sticking up for itself…

In other news, Mark Hateley rounds on Gers midfielder for Accies shocker.