By Ray Livingstone

8th Feb, 2021 | 3:30pm

Rangers contact national paper about 'shockingly bad' & insulting headline

Rangers have challenged the Scottish Sun over a “shockingly bad” headline that was published on their website on Saturday. 

Fan site Blue Sea of Ibrox highlighted the headline and asked if the club was going to do something about it.

Popular Rangers blog Four Lads Had a Dream responded and said, “Club are aware and have already challenged the paper last night.”

Greg Marshall, the club’s Supporters Liaison Officer then confirmed that this had been raised directly by the club.

It seems the club contact has had an effect with the headline being changed on the website.

It now reads, “HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS: Rangers coaching staff SO hungry for success that it’s taken them so far ahead, says Brian Rice.”

What were they thinking?

It’s incredible that in this day and age and with so many campaigns to get rid of abuse from the game, that the Scottish Sun thought this was acceptable.

It’s also excellent work by Rangers to challenge this and get it changed, and to communicate with fans so promptly.

It’s not acceptable use of language and it’s a very thinly-disguised attack on the club and its supporters.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, this could have been the actions of a single editor over the weekend, but it proves that their processes need to be looked at.

However, many fans aren’t as forgiving and have been calling for punishment for the person or persons responsible.

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