By Ray Livingstone

14th Jan, 2021 | 9:45am

'Unbelievable' – Celtic-mad Andy Robertson makes big Rangers claim as Carragher rips into him

Liverpool ace and Celtic fan Andy Robertson has admitted the title race is “done” after recent results left Rangers 21 points ahead at the top of the table. 

Talking on Jamie Carragher’s The Greatest Game podcast, the two Liverpool men got straight into the situation in Scotland, with the Sky Sports pundit mercilessly ripping into Robertson about his Celtic allegiances.

Robertson was asked about the title in Scotland and how tough it was to be a Celtic fan at Anfield with Gerrard’s presence still everywhere.

“It’s done isn’t it, it’s in the bag,” said Robertson. “No pressure, honestly just wrap it up now, it’s theirs to lose.

“It’s obviously a difficult situation when you go into a Liverpool training ground and he’s still all over the place and everyone loves him and wants him to do well.

“Obviously I want him to do well, but I’ve been brought up as Celtic fan to not like anything to do with Rangers.

“He’s done an unbelievable job up there and closed the gap. He’s taken it to a new level this season and Celtic have struggled to keep up.”

Good times

Robertson had to watch what he was saying – as he acknowledged himself, Gerrard could be back at Liverpool at some point in the future.

If Rangers was a stepping stone up to his dream job that it couldn’t have gone any better for him.

It was a brilliant interview, and it shows the scale of the job that Gerrard has done that Rangers are the first topic of conversation for the two Liverpool giants.

As for the title race – everyone is saying it’s done apart from Rangers fans.

They were encouraged to enjoy the situation more and take it that the title is won this week by Athletic journalist Jordan Campbell.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re enjoying this situation very much indeed. It would be hard to put into words just how much we’re enjoying it.

But, as far as the title goes, it’s one game at a time until 55 is confirmed.

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