Michael Stewart wants to see IFAB change the rules of the game because of Ryan Hedges’ sending off in Aberdeen’s 2-1 loss to Rangers at Pittodrie on Sunday.

By the letter of the law, John Beaton was correct to show Hedges a red card because the Aberdeen player fouled Alfredo Morelos in the penalty area without any intention to win the ball.

Speaking after the game, as quoted by FourFourTwo, Dons boss Derek McInnes even admitted that Beaton got the decision right. He said: “It seems a really unfair outcome but John Beaton explained it to me at half-time.


“He said, ‘I’ve nowhere to go with this. I know it was accidental but because it wasn’t a genuine attempt it has to be a red card’. Once he explained it you have to say it was the right decision based on the laws.”

McInnes didn’t call for a rule change. He didn’t bemoan the decision and he especially didn’t continue to say it was not a red card despite the law being laid out bare in front of him.

And then there’s everyone’s favourite Rangers fan Michael Stewart.


During the game, Stewart received pelters from Rangers fans for tweeting that Hedges should not have been sent off.

The former Hibernian and Hearts player then continued his anti-Rangers agenda on BBC Sportscene on Sunday night.

“For me, I don’t think it is a red card,” Stewart said.

Sportscene host Steven Thompson and fellow pundit Richard Foster both pointed out that by the letter of the law, it’s a red card. Stewart then went into a bizarre rant arguing against that and demanding a rule change.

He said: “Well I would suggest there’s enough space in the rule for there not to be.


“It says that if you attempt to challenge and win the ball, but you give away a foul, you’ll be yellow carded. All the other offences, e.g. holding, pulling or pushing, none of them are [committed by Hedges].

“So my problem here actually is the rule was changed a few years ago so you wouldn’t get a triple-whammy of a penalty against you, a red card and you get suspended. So [there’s] fairness if you attempt to win the ball.

“I suggest that incident there actually isn’t covered within the law at the moment.”

Thompson interjected to say: “He didn’t try to win the ball.”

Stewart’s ramblings continued: “But he didn’t try to challenge either. If you change it over and say if you deliberately foul a player – hold, pull or push – you’ll be red-carded. All other incidents would be a caution-able offence.

“That covers everything whereas I would suggest the law at the moment doesn’t actually cover that incident, which is where I think common sense should come into it because I don’t think any fair-minded football supporter looks at that and thinks that that’s fair for Ryan Hedges to be sent off.”


Stewart is 39-years-old and still seething about his failed trial at Rangers back in 2004.

There are so many things that he’s said about the Gers which proves how much he really hates the Ibrox club and the fact we’re not en-route to winning the Premiership title, he’s willing to say anything to talk down Steven Gerrard’s side.

BBC Scotland have even had to apologise for Stewart’s comments about Rangers’ director of communications Jim Traynor in the last year.

We really cannot believe that this failed former Gers trialist is still given the air-time to share his views other than the fact he does it to incite a response.

How can Stewart sit there, be told what the rule is, acknowledge the rule and then still continue to challenge it?

It’s truly baffling and one of the most ridiculous things we’ve heard him say about our team.

In other Rangers news, here’s what Scott Wright has told McInnes about his future at Pittodrie as the Gers eye a January swoop.


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