BBC journalist Tom English has said that Rangers manager Steven Gerrard was very different at the end of this Old Firm win against Celtic. 

In his first Old Firm win last season, English said that Gerrard was very emotional and screamed into the cameras.

This time around, he said that if you hadn’t watched the game, you wouldn’t have known who had won.

Rangers triumphed again – the third Old Firm win in a row – with a Clauum McGregor own goal.

Talking on the Monday Night Club, English said, “When they won for the first time at Celtic Park last season he [Gerrard] was very emotional, went right up to the cameras, started shouting and screaming, was euphoric in the post-match press conference.

“This weekend he was absolutely deadpan. If you hadn’t been watching you wouldn’t know whether he’d won or lost the game.

“He showed very little emotion, went over to Neil Lennon, bumped elbows and disappeared.

“His post match message wasa very controlled, sent out all the right messages, and his players were the same.

“He hasn’t just done a really good job in improving his players and signing better players, he has also got into their heads and that’s a key difference.”


Doing and saying the right thing

There were a few elements at play over the weekend but Gerrard’s reaction shows how far the club has come.

Showing extreme emotion would have seemed very odd on Saturday, in a game that Gerrard would have been fully expecting to win.

Gerrard remained statesmanlike and it was exactly the right thing to do.

It also showed that for the new Gersm this was just another game en route to winning the Premiership.

If we’d been level on points then we imagine the reaction might have been a bit different.

As it is, it’s Celtic that are desperate for anything at the moment and it will be Celtic who celebrate the next win like their lives depend on it.

For some at the club, it might well do.

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