With a long-running feud between Rangers and the BBC, you don’t have to look far for evidence of the bias in their coverage. 

They were at it again after the game against St Mirren, awarding their man of the match in a game that Rangers dominated to St Mirren striker Jonathan Obika.

Obika was lucky not to be sent off after an elbow on Connor Goldson midway through the second half.

That wasn’t mentioned. Instead, the BBC said that he was a “constant menace”.

One Rangers fan summed it up perfectly when he said, “So when it’s Morelos who elbows someone, it’s all over the media and they fast track his suspension.

“When it’s a player who elbows any Rangers player, they give him MAN OF THE MATCH, in a game he didn’t score in, they lost and his team didn’t score.”

Irrespective of his elbow, we think you could pick just about any Rangers player as man of the match over Obika.

We might be biased but WhoScored don’t have skin in the game.

They gave every single Gers player a higher score than Obika, who wasn’t even their highest-scoring St Mirren player. They awarded Alfredo Morelos the man of the match with a 7.8 rating.

Obika got a 6.2 rating, much less than the 7.1 rating they gave Jake Doyle-Hayes.

As for the BBC’s decision, it’s really odd in a vacuum. In the context of a long-running feud between Rangers and the BBC, brought up again in the recent AGM, it’s just plain stupid.

Here’s what the Gers fans made of it…

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