BBC Scotland journalist Tom English doesn’t sound as though he’s too impressed by Dave King’s admirable efforts to sell his Rangers shares to the supporters.

Earlier this month, the former Gers chairman took the decision to sell his 20.37 per cent stake in the club to Club 1872. According to The Times, the deal will see King pocket £13million and fans’ group Club 1872 become the largest shareholder at Ibrox.

We’ve seen a lot of support and scepticism about King’s decision but it’s clear which side of the fence English sits on with the BBC reporter taking a thinly-veiled swipe at the businessman’s bluster.


Writing on the BBC Sport website, in a largely positive piece about Rangers, he said: “Not that long ago Rangers were an institution addicted to issuing angry press statements about any slight – real or otherwise. Things are much quieter now.

“The Dave King show around the selling of his shares and his bombast in the media that accompanied it can’t be hung on the current decision-makers at Ibrox. They’d no idea what King was up to. There’s not much communication with their old chairman these days. Save for King’s solo run, the hubris and hubbub has gone.”


What does King stand to gain (except £13million)?

What’s English trying to suggest here?

King’s decision to sell his shares to Club 1872 is an admirable one. It puts a once-beleaguered club into the hands of people who will never intentionally steer it wrong or milk it for it’s worth as has happened in the not-too-distant past.

King might have been able to get a better deal from elsewhere but clearly, he’d grown attached to Rangers during his time as chairman. He didn’t want to see it spiral towards a mess similar to the club’s catastrophic demise in 2012.

Why should he be hit out at for that? What has he actually done wrong? And what does he stand to gain from what English seems to be suggesting a PR move?

It’s not a negative story but if you put a negative spin on it then that’s on you.

We’ve seen fans and pundits cast doubt on King’s move and they are doubts that we believe are more than reasonable.

Speaking on PLZ Soccer’s Football Show earlier this month, former STV broadcaster Peter Martin said: “My only concern with this – and I talk about many of the big clubs who look to make a real impact in domestic and European football – I think you need a major benefactor. Someone who has the major say. The Dermot Desmonds of the world. Previously for Rangers, it was David Murray.”

While we’re mainly happy with King’s decision to strike a deal with Club 1872, that’s a real concern.

We’re really not going to worry about whether King was just trying to inflate his ego in the media.

In other Rangers news, Stewart Robertson made a major admission about transferring players out at the AGM on Tuesday.


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