BBC journalist Tom English has said that it’s a “massive, massive ask” for Club 1872 to raise the money needed to buy Dave King’s Rangers shares. 

He also claimed that Club 1872 were most successful when fighting against people talking Rangers down and that now the club is in a much healthier positional they could struggle to galvanise the fans.

English was talking on the latest episode of the Sportsound podcast. 

“I think Club 1872 have about 16m shares currently, that equates to a £3m investment over the last five years,” English said.

“If you look for £13m in a year it’s a massive, massive ask.

“When you look at Club 1872, they got traction when they were fighting fires, when they were fighting Mike Ashley, when they were fighting the BBC, Celtic, fighting people they thought were taking the club down.

“They got a lot of donations from that. It was good for business. Things are going very well for Rangers right now, there’s no one really to fight and that will make their job harder as they galvanise the support to raise an astronomic sum of money.”


The fight is ongoing

Rangers fans supported Club 1872 to help the club get back to the top of the game in Scotland.

They donated because they’re Rangers through and through.

£13m is a huge amount of money but this is to safeguard the future of the club, to make sure nothing catastrophic can happen to it again. And, for one Club 1872 have three years to buy them shares, not one as English said.

Hearts fans raised £11m so they’ve proved it can be done.

Can it be done at Rangers? Of course it can. No one is saying it’s going to be easy but fans will appreciate what an opportunity this is.

There are other issues, such as possible dilution that will take the Club 1872 stake – even if successful – back down below 25% but that’s a problem for the future.

Gers fans will start mobilising now and we’re confident that the future of the club is safe in their hands.

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