Ally McCoist has reminded Celtic and Rangers fans that no one cares about ’10-in-a-row’ other than those who support the two Old Firm clubs.

Celtic fans have become obsessed by the idea of winning 10 Scottish Premiership titles in a row even though they did the first bit of it with no competition and their ninth title will forever be tainted by an asterisk.

But that’s not to say that some Rangers fans aren’t obsessed with it either. There are supporters out there who want to see Steven Gerrard’s men win the league this season just to spite the Bhoys.


It’s not a bad thing or anything like that. Why wouldn’t Celtic fans obsess over winning 10 league titles in a row and why wouldn’t Rangers fans love to see their side stop it happening?

But Ibrox legend McCoist has shared a word of warning for both of the Old Firm clubs, saying that outside of Glasgow, 10-in-a-row is irrelevant.

He claims that instead of the 10-in-a-row obsession, Celtic and Rangers should instead be more focused on their performances in Europe.

“Outside the west of Scotland, they don’t care about 10-in-a-row. They absolutely don’t care,” said McCoist on talkSPORT, as quoted by the Scottish Sun.


“Do you think people at Sparta Prague and Milan are interested in 10-in-a-row?

“No, they’re only interested in how Celtic and Rangers perform in Europe.

“That’s the bigger picture, that’s where Rangers and Celtic should be judged.

“Both great clubs with fantastic history, clearly we all want to win the league, absolutely 100 per cent.

“But I find it really strange, particularly in this area, we get caught up in this whole thing, whereas there’s a far, far, bigger picture.

“It seems to be getting ignored.”


McCoist makes a good point.

Celtic fans will only be able to brag about winning 10-in-a-row to Rangers fans and vice versa if the Gers stop it happening.

Will anyone outside of Scotland really care?

South of the border, our league is mocked regularly. In Europe, top teams will be seeing the likes of Celtic as whipping boys in the Europa League or Champions League.

Rangers, thankfully, are a better team in Europe because they don’t have this ridiculous obsession.

Celtic have been so set on winning 10-in-a-row that they have lost sight of the fact they need to perform in Europe, reach the Champions League group stages or Europa League knock-out stages to sustain their performances in the Scottish Premiership.

Essentially, European football has been at the back of Celtic’s mind. Across Glasgow at Ibrox, it’s been at the forefront of Rangers’.

We doubt the Gers would be running away at the top of the table if it wasn’t for the major transformation of the club’s European fortunes under Gerrard.

In other Rangers news, fans have torn the SPFL to shreds over a major top-flight development.


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