Tam McManus claims Rangers supporters group Club 1872 doesn’t have the financial might to make the Glasgow giants a “powerhouse”.

Dave King has agreed to sell his 20.3 per cent stake in the Scottish Premiership to Club 1872, which will make them the largest shareholders at Ibrox [The Times].

However, ex-Hibernian striker McManus has his reservations.


Although he is happy that Rangers will be run by the fans, he’s also concerned that there’s no big spender backing the club as he doesn’t feel Club 1872 has the funds to help the Gers become a top team in Europe.

“I think a fans-owned club works for smaller clubs,” the ex-BBC Sportsound pundit told PLZ Soccer’s latest episode of The Football Show. “In terms of the big clubs who want to win things and do well in Europe, I feel as if you need a guy with deep pockets. You look at Abramovic at Chelsea and guys like that.

“It’s great the supporters are getting involved at Rangers.

“Dave King has done brilliant with the club. He’s come in, he’s saved the club, he’s pumped a lot of his own money in and obviously he’s looking to get some of his money back now. Let’s be honest, those shares that will be sold will go into his pocket and the fans will be involved in the club.

“But Rangers, Celtic and big clubs in Europe need one backer or one president who’s got deep pockets. I don’t think the supporters have got that. I don’t think Club 1872 have got deep pockets to get Rangers back to being a powerhouse again.”

King’s gesture is very much an appreciated one.

It’s great to see the former Rangers chairman bowing out so graciously.

Yes, he’s after a lot of money from Gers supporters but he’s only trying to make back the money he’s put into the club.

At the end of the day, he’s a businessman.

But McManus’ concern is worth thinking about.

Club 1872 is raising a lot of money at the moment but will it be able to match the funds that King has before he took control at Ibrox when the Light Blues were finishing third in the Scottish Championship.

Now, they’re top of the Scottish Premiership and while a lot of that is from Steven Gerrard’s brilliant management and some excellent deals being struck in the transfer market, there’s also been a lot of money pumped into the club to get Gerrard and those players.

Let’s hope Club 1872 can pull a rabbit out of a hat here but Rangers might be able to be self-sufficient if they continually qualify for Europe and keep on picking up cheap gems in the market.

In other Rangers news, Alex McLeish claims stories have been fabricated about King.


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