PLZ Soccer host Peter Martin has some reservations about Dave King selling his 20.3 per cent holding of Rangers to supporters group Club 1872.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Club 1872 would become the largest shareholders at Ibrox, increasing their current 4.95 per cent holding to around 25 per cent after a £13million deal was struck with ex-Ibrox chairman King [The Times].

While Martin, who has previously worked as a broadcaster on STV, is happy to see King selling his shares to Rangers fans, he cannot help but feel the club would be better off it was in the hands of one singular money-man.


“It’s a big call,” said Martin on Wednesday’s episode of PLZ Soccer’s The Football Show.

“Listen, there are fans who own clubs and have a major say in electing presidents – I think of Barcelona on this situation. Joan Laporta is trying to get his third stint as president of the club.

“But this one is an interesting one.

“Obviously, the Rangers fans have to stump up cash again to buy the shares which will go to Mr King. But they will have a major say in the club.

“My only concern with this – and I talk about many of the big clubs who look to make a real impact in domestic and European football – I think you need a major benefactor. Someone who has the major say. The Dermot Desmonds of the world. Previously for Rangers, it was David Murray.”

At the moment, Rangers fans are just delighted that the club is going to be in their own hands and King’s gesture is a brilliant one.

But you have to admit that there’s a sense of truth about what Martin is saying.

Fans are unlikely to be able to pump the money into the club that someone like Sir David Murray did or how someone might have been able to if King sold his shares elsewhere.

It remains to be seen how this pans out but we still firmly believe there are more pros than cons to this.

Rangers have been run extremely well in recent years and you know that Club 1872 will not do anything to cause harm intentionally.

In other Rangers news, Alex McLeish claims stories have been fabricated about Dave King.


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