Steven Gerrard has described Dave King’s decision to sell his shares in Rangers to fan group Club 1872 as ‘positive’. 

The former Gers chairman announced on Tuesday that he would be selling his shares to Club 1872 which would make Rangers fans the majority shareholders of the club.

Gerrard claims that ‘nothing really changes’ for him following Tuesday’s announcement but he admitted that he had no prior knowledge of King’s decision.


The Scottish Sun quote Gerrard as saying, “My relationship with Dave is really strong, we are still in constant dialogue. Although what I would say is that yesterday’s news was news to me, I didn’t know that was going to break.

“I haven’t really had time to read up on it or educate myself on what might happen in the short, medium or long term. But I suppose it is a positive in terms of what I have read so far in terms of the fans getting closer, giving them more ownership if you like

“For me, on a daily basis, nothing really changes but I am sure when I have future chats with Ross [Wilson] and Stewart [Robertson] I will be brought up to with exactly what is going to be going on in the short, medium or long term.”


Following Tuesday’s announcement, Club 1872 have launched a £500 ‘legacy’ membership scheme in an effort to raise the £13 million needed to purchase King’s shares.

The deal is structured in such a way that means Club 1872 have three years to purchase King’s shares.

This could mean that the purchase will coincide with the club turning 150-years-old in 2022 which seems quite fitting.

Providing Club 1872 can raise the funds, it could leave Rangers in a strong position going forward.

The last thing any Gers fan will want is another financial meltdown at Ibrox and putting control in the hands of fans means that they will be able to have a huge say on decisions that will affect the future of their club.

It is a huge step for the club and hopefully, as Gerrard describes, it will prove to be a positive decision for everyone involved with Rangers.

In other Rangers news, a Gers outcast scored in a behind closed doors friendly against Hibs on Tuesday. 


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