Chris Sutton has heaped praise on Rangers boss Steven Gerrard after he backed the campaign to tackle dementia in football.

There have been calls to change the way professional football teams work in training, mainly the decision to prevent unnecessary heading of the ball.

The PFA and SFA have raised concerns over the rise of dementia in footballers after retirement, and have called for change – something that Gerrard and Neil Lennon have backed publically.


Sutton, not one to often praise anything to do with Rangers, has claimed it is great to see Gerrard and Lennon speak out, as they try to raise more awareness of the issue within football.

“Really encouraging seeing Neil Lennon and Steven Gerrard backing the campaign to tackle dementia in football,” he wrote on his personal Twitter account.

Should these changes be put to a vote, it is clear that they would pass almost immediately given the severity of it.

There isn’t many, if not any, who have not agreed that changes need to be made – something that will help the cause of the PFA.


Despite the obvious links to Celtic, it is great to see the Old Firm put their differences aside to back such an important cause.

Gerrard has changed his mind in the space of the last year though, after initially claiming back in January that a heading ban isn’t the way to go.

The Bears boss did back plans to ban younger players from heading the ball in training, although now it appears that could apply to everyone.

Sutton is right to praise Gerrard, as in the end, he will have a massive say on any changes within Scottish football this year.

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