By Jason Jones

11th May, 2020 | 11:46am

Inverness Caledonian Thistle release statement backing Rangers over SPFL dispute

Inverness Caledonian Thistle have claimed that they will support Rangers in their demand for an independent investigation into the SPFL’s recent behaviour. 

The Championship side released a statement on Sunday stating their willingness to testify against the governing body over allegations of “bullying and threats”.

Scottish football is set for a historic EGM on Tuesday in which all 42 SPFL member clubs will vote on whether or not an inquiry should be launched into the organisation over their handling of April’s vote on ending the lower league season early.

Caley accuse the SPFL of presenting an immediate end to the season as the “only option”, while also claiming that clubs were forced to vote under “financial duress”.

An excerpt from the Highland club’s statement reads: “Tuesday will bring forward the next stage of this process when all 42 clubs will vote again.

“This time on a straightforward resolution re: an independent investigation with perhaps the last opportunity to discover how and why things went so badly wrong from the beginning and who was responsible.

“But please be assured that ICTFC will move forward regardless of how that vote goes. One thing is certain, with regards to the governance and leadership of the SPFL, we all deserve better.”

Since Rangers released their dossier last week, the SPFL have maintained a strong stance that the document does not contain a “single shred of evidence” against them.
By making a statement such as this, Caley are essentially saying that they not only back the Gers, but that they hold the “smoking gun” that the SPFL have been so desperately trying to get away from.
It would have been quite easy for the Highland club to toe the line and saying nothing here.
But they clearly believe that there is a case to be answered, as do the Gers, and their insistence that they have proof of “bullying and threats” in the run up to that crucial vote on Good Friday directly contradicts Neil Doncaster’s claims that he is “entirely mystified” by such allegations.
Hopefully, Caley’s involvement will encourage other clubs to speak out, or at the very least, realise that an inquiry is needed.