By Jason Jones

11th May, 2020 | 12:47pm

Ibrox View: Kris Commons U-turn on potential SPFL probe should give hope to Rangers


Tuesday’s SPFL EGM promises to be a red-letter day in the history of both Rangers and Scottish football as a whole. 

The Gers have fought tooth and nail to secure a vote on whether or not Scotland’s top brass should face an investigation into their handling of the ballot that saw the lower league season brought to an immediate end in April, and we are on the cusp of finding out if their efforts have been worthwhile.

A critical part of those efforts has been the release of their 200-page dossier of evidence against the SPFL, but its publication last week was hardly met with widespread approval.

Somewhat expectedly, the SPFL immediately dismissed it as lacking in substance, while pundit Michael Stewart slammed Ibrox chiefs for handling the episode in an “unacceptable” manner.

But slowly, it feels as if there might be cause for cautious optimism about the outcome of tomorrow’s meeting.

Firstly, we saw Inverness Caledonian Thistle release a statement over the weekend that claimed they would be willing to testify against the SPFL over allegations of “bullying and threats”.

And now, in Monday’s print edition of the Daily Mail – as pictured below – ex-Celtic star Kris Commons has stated that he has come round to the prospect of a probe being launched.

Writing in his column, he said: “If I’m a club chairman tomorrow, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be voting in favour of an independent investigation into the SPFL’s handling of the resolution to end leagues as they stood.

“I think there are now enough unanswered questions about the whole sorry episode. They are also being asked by enough different people.

“The fact Rangers are prepared to fund it removes one obstacle and also suggests they feel they will be vindicated. So there’s nothing to lose.”

And Commons is absolutely right about one thing in particular.

Ever since interim chairman Douglas Park revealed that Ibrox chiefs are pledging to foot the bill for any potential investigation, this has become a no-risk venture for SPFL clubs.

One of the governing body’s main arguments against a probe was that it could cost an “incalculable” amount.

Now, however, nobody has to worry about that cost apart from the Gers.

What’s more, by offering to shoulder the financial burden of the inquiry, it shows that the club are serious about their allegations.

Why would they put themselves deliberately out of pocket if they knew they were in the wrong?

This renewed stance, coupled with support from the likes of Caley, should give some hope to anybody associated with the club that we can win this battle.

Commons may only be one pundit, but he has admitted himself, in his column, that he was initially under the impression the Gers were just “mouthing off because they didn’t get their way”.

If he can be convinced into performing a U-turn, there’s absolutely no reason why those senior figures who get to cast their ballots tomorrow can’t be persuaded too.

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