By Jason Jones

8th May, 2020 | 3:27pm

Roger Mitchell calls for Rangers to be docked points if they don't apologise to SPFL

Former SPL chief Roger Mitchell has claimed that Rangers should be charged £250,000 and docked points if they do not apologise to the SPFL for demanding an independent investigation into the governing body. 

The Gers released their long-awaited dossier of information against Scottish football’s top brass on Thursday, alleging malpractices in the vote that led to the lower league season being brought to an immediate end last month.

The SPFL have since responded by arguing that the dossier has “no shred of evidence” against them.

And Mitchell, a known Celtic supporter, has called for the Gers to be hit with a harsh punishment for what he perceives to be a waste of the organisation’s time and money.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, when asked how he would deal with the ongoing situation involving Steven Gerrard’s men, he said: “Let me answer as a pro rather than a fan.

“If/when this doesn’t land a blow on me I start talking about monetary recompense. The cost of Deloitte’s [SPFL-commissioned investigation], lawyers, time and resources. All billed to Rangers.

“Plus the damages for disrepute to the SPFL and Neil [Doncaster] and MM [Murdoch MacLennan]. £250k.

“Then I go to Rangers and tell them they are [on] formal probation. If they don’t behave now it’s a points deduction next season. ‘Behave’ means a full apology and public agreement on ending the season. Praise for SPFL. If not, points off. They are lucky Neil is nicer than me.”

Does Mitchell have a point here?

Absolutely not.

What he’s advocating for here borders on tyrannical, and would set a very dangerous precedent for the Scottish game going forward.

Essentially, he is arguing that anybody who speaks up against the SPFL must be brought back in line through a series of harsh punitive measures designed to humiliate and harm.

That is not an effective way of ensuring that a governing body is properly held to account.

If Mitchell’s suggestions were to be implemented, nobody would dare challenge the SPFL for fear of having their finances and on-field prospects severely damaged.

Regardless of whether or not the authorities deem there be to any “evidence” in the Gers’ dossier, nobody can dispute that last month’s ballot was a shambles from start to finish, and Ibrox chiefs have been well within their right to question it.

If that makes things uncomfortable for those is a position of authority, tough, but the way to ensure lessons are learned from this debacle is not to let it go entirely unchecked.

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