Rangers have, through no real fault of their own, found themselves at the centre of one of the biggest and most farcical episodes that Scottish football has seen for many a year in recent weeks. 

With the in going Coronavirus pandemic throwing football across the globe into chaos, confusion has reigned over how campaigns should be resolved if the current lockdown prevents remaining matches from being played.

That, of course, led to the SPFL’s shambolic vote on the matter a couple of weeks ago – a car crash that led to Dundee putting in their casting ballot much later than everybody else.


Since then, an investigation has deemed there to be no improper behaviour in the Championship side’s voting practices, but the Gers still want more.

The club released a statement on Friday calling for a more thorough examination of the process as a whole, and maintain that they have a dossier of evidence that proves there has been malpractice.

But Michael Stewart has hit out at the Blues for refusing to hand over their evidence unless the governing body commits to an investigation.

Speaking to BBC Sportsound, as per the Daily Record, he said: “But Rangers are one of the biggest clubs in our country and I think the way they’ve acted in the last couple of weeks is not the way one of our clubs should be acting.

“If they have evidence, and this is now two weeks on from when they said they had whistleblower evidence, that should be in the hands of the authorities already.”


But does the pundit have a point?

Well, while you can see how handing over the evidence could be beneficial to the Gers, and potentially the Scottish game as a whole, it shouldn’t really matter whether they do or not at this stage.

It’s blatantly obvious to anybody with even the most passing understanding of the debacle that something is amiss, and that there has to be an in-depth look into what has gone wrong.

If not, the integrity of the professional game in Scotland will be called into question.

The dossier of evidence that the Gers have should be a supporting factor in any investigation, not the catalyst that makes it happen.

In other Rangers news, UEFA chief delivers major update on Gers Europa League clash v Leverkusen.


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