By Jason Jones

2nd Apr, 2020 | 11:01am

'Massive' - Finance expert calls for unprecedented action from Rangers and Celtic

Former Celtic star Ramon Vega has urged his old club to put their differences aside with bitter rivals Rangers in an effort to combat the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on Scottish football. 

All football north of the border has been suspended in an effort to arrest the spread of the virus, with no clear indication on when things will return to normal.

That uncertainty has led to widespread fear over the potential financial stress it could place on several clubs.

But Vega, who now works as a football finance expert, believes that the two Old Firm clubs must do what they can to present a united front in the face of the crisis.

As quoted by the Scottish Sun, he said: “There is no better time for them to show some solidarity with the rest of the clubs.

“We all know there have been huge differences in the past, but the biggest rivalry here is not Celtic or Rangers, It is the coronavirus. That is the only enemy for anyone at the moment. There is plenty time in the future for Celtic and Rangers to rekindle their rivalry.

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“Just now surely it should be all about these two massive clubs getting together and helping the smaller Scottish teams.

“If they can cut back a little and provide assistance then the whole pyramid has a better chance of getting through this period. The smaller clubs are the ones who will struggle the most.”

Does Vega have a point here?

Orchestrating some kind of united front between the two Glaswegian clubs is never going to be easy.

The rivalry runs deeper than most, and there is a general mistrust between the two sides that is not easy to overcome.

That being said, some things are bigger than football, and if there was a way for Rangers and Celtic – by the far the two biggest clubs in the country – to put their heads together and help those in need right now, it could only be a good thing.

Is it likely to happen? Probably not.

Would it be a positive influence if it did? Almost certainly, yes.

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