By Jason Jones

16th Mar, 2020 | 12:13pm

Rangers Report - SPFL clubs call for drastic plan over Coronavirus pandemic

A number of SPFL clubs are desperate for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to intervene over the Covid-19 pandemic that has put Rangers’ season on hold in an effort to open up much needed avenues of emergency cash flow, according to the Daily Record. 

Many clubs are facing a worryingly barren spell without the regular income of gate receipts to keep them afloat.

But most clubs will not be eligible for insurance payouts unless the season is abandoned by government decree.

At the present moment, no official announcement has been made, although Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has heavily advised that no gatherings of 500 people or more be permitted, essentially banning any football matches from being played.

During an interview with the Record, one top flight chief executive said: “If our clubs are going to be in any position to survive without gate receipts for a period of around four months then the vast majority of them will only be able to do so by triggering their insurance policies and claiming for an interruption to business

“But, in almost all cases, these claims can only be made if the season is cancelled by government decree. If, on the other hand, the decision is made by the SFA or the SPFL then effectively the clubs would be held responsible for taking that action.

“The situation is increasingly bleak. Not all clubs are insured and some that are can’t say with any certainty that their cover is even adequate. But what all of us know is that the government and our politicians need to help us by leading the way.”

What does this mean for Rangers?

In truth, the Gers would probably be one of the few Scottish clubs who could survive this looming threat relatively comfortably without governmental intervention.

As one of the two biggest clubs in the Premiership, they are in a much more fortuitous position than most.

That being said, this is a time to be looking outwards as well as focusing on self-preservation, and the reality is that given the precarious financial health of many sides north of the border, this pandemic has the potential to do untold damage to Scottish football.

The longer we go on without proper intervention, the more dangerous this situation becomes for certain clubs, and the more worried we should all be about the wellbeing of the sport as a whole.

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