Michael Stewart will return to the BBC this weekend after serving a suspension for comments against Rangers PR chief Jim Traynor. 

The pundit has not appeared on any broadcast by the organisation since February 3rd after he took aim at the former journalist following the controversy surrounding Alfredo Morelos’ mistranslated interview with Sky Sports News.

This in turn led to the BBC broadcasting an apology and removing Stewart from their scheduling.


But it is understood that he will now be available for secretion from this weekend onwards.

A source told the Scottish Sun: “Following Sportsound on Monday February 3 we have clearly explained the BBC editorial guidelines around fairness and accuracy to Michael Stewart.

“We expect our pundits to be forthright, but fair. Michael agrees with this. On that basis Michael is now available for selection for Sportscene and Sportsound.”

Is this the right thing for the BBC to do?

It’s difficult to say.

Clearly, they feel that Stewart has had enough of a slap on the wrist to justify his return to action, but whether or not three weeks away is enough of a punishment is really a matter of opinion.

There will definitely be those who feel that the BBC could do more to make it known that Stewart’s comments and behaviour were unacceptable, but realistically he was never going to lose his job over this.

Again, whether or not that’s the right of handling this issue is a subjective debate, but either way, the BBC have made their choice and it just has to be accepted now.

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