Rangers have been hit with a £15,000 fine from the SFA for failing to control their players in matches against both Hibernian and Celtic towards the end of last year.

The governing body have dished out the five-figure sum in response to a number of flashpoints in those two matches, much to the disgruntlement of supporters.

The fine details that £5,000 has been allocated to the incidents against Hibs, while £10,000 is in response to the Old Firm, in which the Gers beat Celtic at Parkhead.

A total of £10,000 is to be paid immediately, with a further £5,000 suspended until the end of the season.

Once again, however, it has many fans questioning the consistency of the SFA’s decision making process.

It’s not paranoid to suggest that it does feel like there are times when the Gers are under more scrutiny than some of their rivals.

Sure, the lads aren’t always angels, but until we see similarly stringent punishments handed out across Scotland, it’s always going to feel a little unfair.

In the Old Firm in particular, the incidents that the fine refers to, namely Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent’s alleged hand gestures, were so subjective that it doesn’t feel right to be clamping down with financial measures unless this is the new standard by which everything is measured accordingly.

Only time will tell if it is.

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