Simon Jordan has claimed that it would have cost Rangers and Celtic £200 million to join the English league system back in 2002. 

The former Crystal Palace suggested that the Old Firm were involved in talks to form a breakaway division separate from the Football League, but would have had to stump up a sizeable fee to make it happen.

He also revealed that the remaining clubs in Scotland would have been given a £30 million bonus to help soften the blow of losing the Glaswegian giants.


Speaking on talkSPORT, as quoted by the Daily Record, Jordan said: “In 2002 when the ITV Digital deal collapsed and there was all this stuff going on, there was me, Manchester City, Birmingham, Wolves – all the clubs talking about a Phoenix League, a breakaway league to get away from the Football League, because the Football League was so intransigent and ridiculously unprofessional.

“The entirety of Scottish football gets £30m quid across all four divisions.

“Going into the Premier League with the broadcast deals, they will go from £2m, if that’s right, to £120m overnight.

“It won’t happen but in a land that we look forward to perhaps one day thinking it could happen, what an addition that would be.”

What would this have meant for Rangers?

Honestly, it’s hard to say when the situation is so hypothetical, but it’s safe to assume that the sizeable asking price for the opportunity to play in England was a likely deterrent in negotiations.

On the one hand, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t expect Rangers to flourish in England.

The club have the fanbase and the infrastructure to thrive, and the only thing that really stops them from kicking on in continental competition is the inability to financially match teams from more countries that have more lucrative TV rights deals in place.

On the other hand, the transition period would have been long, arduous, and potentially littered with pitfalls.

Perhaps it would have led to greater rewards in the long term, but there’s every chance that the Gers would still be finding their fee south of the border, nearly 20 years later.

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