Chris Sutton has suggested that former club Celtic are “absolutely right” to defend themselves in the aftermath of a Sky Sports interview with Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos.

The Colombian sat down with the major outlet to give an interview over the weekend in which it was reported that he accused Hoops supporters of making racist comments against him.

In response to that, the Bhoys released a statement suggesting that the translation of Morelos’ comments, made in Spanish, were inaccurate, and that they wished for Sky to investigate the incident.

Since then, Sky have pulled the exclusive interview from all of their broadcasting platforms, as per the Scottish Sun.

Reacting to the saga on his personal Twitter account, Sutton said: “Turning into silly season in Scotland…

“Celtic are absolutely right to defend themselves this evening…”

What does this all mean?

First and foremost, it’s absolutely vital that it is made clear that Morelos has done nothing wrong.

There can be a bit of a tendency to demonise the Colombian from rival fans, but he has simply given an interview in good faith here that the Hoops believe to be mistranslated. If that is the case then Morelos and Rangers will deserve as much of an apology as Celtic.

That being said, there is still a fine line to be trodden here, and immediately dismissing or diminishing the prospect of any and all racism against Morelos is not a good look or a viable way of dealing with potential issues in the future.

This is not a case of the boy who cried wolf, and if Morelos had actually made an accusation of racial abuse in his interview with Sky, which is still under investigation let’s not forget, it should be taken very seriously indeed.

Also, it’s important to remember that there have been investigations into alleged racist incidents against the Colombian before.

Whether they like it or not, opposition fans cannot deny that his talents make him a target for heightened aggression, and with that in mind, more has to be done to protect Morelos in the event of abuse actually occurring.

Nobody should be castigated for the colour of their skin, their religious beliefs, or anything of that ilk, and as such, it is crucially important that this Sky interview is not used as a stick to beat the player with in the future if anything untoward does occur.

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