Former Hearts midfielder Michael Stewart has become a controversial figure in the world of Scottish football punditry – especially when it comes to Rangers fans.

The 38-year-old is known for his hot takes and outspoken nature – which is what broadcasters want in a pundit, after all – but he can infuriating to listen to at times.

He has an uncomfortable relationship with the Ibrox faithful, something he is all too aware of.


The BBC pundit recently spoke about the antagonistic relationship he has with supporters of Steven Gerrard’s side.

“There is only one group of fans, and it’s purely a massive stereotype, but there is only one group of fans who have a real issue with me,” he said, as per the Scottish Sun.

“Clearly you are going to have some fans within any club having a divergence of opinion but there is only one team on mass that have an issue with anything that I say.”

When he was asked whether that team was Rangers, he replied: “Aye.”

Is this fair from Stewart?

I mean, it’s fair to say that he cops a bit of flack from the Rangers fans, but he’s acting as if he never says anything to deserve it.

If you’re saying controversial things then you’re going to get some scrutiny from somewhere.

Obviously the Rangers supporters might be a bit more vociferous in their defence of their club than some others teams’ fans, but that’s to be expected.

As he says, he’s stereotyping. He’s grouping Rangers fans into one body, which is clearly not the case. He acknowledges that, but then says that the Gers supporters criticise him on mass.


In other Rangers news, an Ibrox regular is expected to return to first team action against Hibernian.


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